Korea: Year 3. Wait, what?

In which the author comes out of her laziness-imposed blog hiatus to tell you about staying in Korea for one more year.

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Out and about

The next day I headed off to the other city on the island, Seogwipo. It was the first time I’d been there so I carefully consulted my TaLK Jeju Orientation book to find out which bus I should take and where to catch it. I took bus 502 to City Hall (east of where I live) and caught the 5.16 to Seogwipo. (It’s named after the road it drives on, I worked out later.)

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Ups and downs

My newly-acquired mad teaching skillz were put to the test the very next day. Upon my arrival at school my co-teacher informed me with a smile that she had teacher training or something and so I’d been teaching all the classes myself. “But their homeroom teachers will be there!” she assured me.

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