Corruption kills

This is not meant to be an Afro-pessimistic article. Don’t call me a racist or a counter-revolutionary (heaven forbid). It’s about a very real concern I have as someone living in a country with a public health system that’s falling apart.

This morning I had one of my semi-annual appendix scares. A sharp, vertical pain on my right lower abdomen that felt rigid to the touch. Fortunately it soon passed, as all such scares tend to do. My appendix is still firmly attached to my insides.

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The lamentably delayed Bulls in Soweto post

So, I originally decided to update my blog on a weekly basis. As you can see, the wheels fell off that little plan very quickly. I’m not going to make a truckload of excuses because a) it’s whiny b) it’s my blog and c) chances are I’ll probably be late again. Suffice it to say that this week saw the start of a month-long alteration in my job description, which has caused much bitter ranting and half-hour-long bitching sessions with my long-suffering colleague. I know this blog is called “The Complainant” but, frankly, it would just depress me to relive those experiences again, so here’s something uplifting: my experiences at the Bulls vs Crusaders Super 14 Semifinal at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto.

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