Korea: an eight-month review

In some ways it’s crazy to think that I’ve been living in Korea for eight whole months (as of last Thursday, November 24), but in others it feels like I’ve always lived here, like back home was just a dream. Which is also crazy.

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Seoul, baby! (Part 2)

That evening we were given time to work on our lesson demonstration the next day – which of course meant that as soon as classes were done, almost everyone high-tailed it out of there. I had a quick practice session with my group members in the stairwell but left as quickly as I could to meet Sylvia and the others. We were off to Itaewon, also known as (ok, it might be just me) Little America.
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Crisis in Korea

When Sylvia and I were staying in the motel, I’d been very excited to discover an unsecured wireless network called “iptime” that, with a lot of coaxing and encouragement, allowed me to briefly browse the net. So when I discovered the same wireless network in my apartment, I realised that I had a golden wijacking opportunity. (Wijack (v): to hijack someone’s wifi for your own nefarious use. Wijacker (n): one who wijacks.)

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Why I Should Not Cook

I cooked last night. I made spaghetti bolognaise – or tried to. You see, while I regard myself as not entirely unskilled in the kitchen (I cooked for myself regularly last year, and lived to talk about it) I am rather out of practice. The last time I made food (a proper meal, not cereal or toast) was probably more than a month ago – a rather fail meal consisting of chicken, mushrooms and rice. Half of it is still sitting in a Tupperware at the bottom of my freezer, waiting for the mythical day when I will be starving to death with no food in the house (not even that last packet of 2 minute noodles) and no money in my wallet (not even R8,50 for a chicken burger at McDonald’s down the road).