Medical check and McDonald’s Monday

I slept through my alarm on Monday morning (can anyone say “jetlagged”? They say it takes a day for every hour’s difference, which by my calculations means at least a week of awkward sleeping patterns) and had to hurry through my morning ablutions and catch a taxi to the local hospital.

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Culture Shocked

I’m really sorry there are no pictures. I do have, but I need to move them from Facebook into the blog, and the PC I”m currently using is seriously aged. Korea may have the fastest internet inthe world but it seriously needs to upgrade its hardware. And software: what is with still using the fail Internet Explorer 6?? We’re three upgrades on! And there are way better brosers out here! Smdh. Anyway, on to the blog: be warned, it’s super long. They will get shorter in time; everything is just so strange right now I want to document every detail.

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