The Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival (hold the cherry blossoms)

Before I begin, let me tell you a sad story about a girl and her laptop. Now this girl, ever since she could remember, loved to procrastinate. There always seemed to be something better to do than what she had to do, and there was always tomorrow. But while this girl was living overseas and blogging about her experiences, she realised that she needed to step up the pace of her blogs, so one weekend she wrote two posts in one day. She delayed the publication of the second post until mid-week, and it remained on the hard drive of her laptop. Then came a sad convergence of a full mug of tea and her keyboard. While the laptop is mostly fine, the non-functioning of half the keys made it impossible for her to retrieve the blog post from her user account (she couldn’t enter the password, you see). And time has passed and her laptop is still not fixed, but she realised another blog post is sadly overdue and so she resigned herself to writing it out again.

Here you go.

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Why I Should Not Cook

I cooked last night. I made spaghetti bolognaise – or tried to. You see, while I regard myself as not entirely unskilled in the kitchen (I cooked for myself regularly last year, and lived to talk about it) I am rather out of practice. The last time I made food (a proper meal, not cereal or toast) was probably more than a month ago – a rather fail meal consisting of chicken, mushrooms and rice. Half of it is still sitting in a Tupperware at the bottom of my freezer, waiting for the mythical day when I will be starving to death with no food in the house (not even that last packet of 2 minute noodles) and no money in my wallet (not even R8,50 for a chicken burger at McDonald’s down the road).