Korea: Year 3. Wait, what?

In which the author comes out of her laziness-imposed blog hiatus to tell you about staying in Korea for one more year.

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My happy Korean birthday

I wrote a while (okay, a LONG while) ago, telling you about Sylvia’s (aka my Island BFF) birthday, but I never wrote about mine. And while this year’s is lining up to be pretty epic (short version: half my family will be here! Yes, half. I have a big family), last year’s was awesome, and I want to tell y’all about it.

Do you think I had enough parentheses in that paragraph?! Moving on.

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Seoul, baby! (Part 2)

That evening we were given time to work on our lesson demonstration the next day – which of course meant that as soon as classes were done, almost everyone high-tailed it out of there. I had a quick practice session with my group members in the stairwell but left as quickly as I could to meet Sylvia and the others. We were off to Itaewon, also known as (ok, it might be just me) Little America.
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