Friday May 11: Lunchee

Today’s lunch was … okay. I wish I’d had my phone on Tuesday because  lunch was GREAT: tasty soup, fried tofu in sweet and sour sesame sauce, and a mystery meat stew that was darker, richer and more savoury than usual. YUM. As it is, you’ll just have to read about today’s okay lunch instead.

Clockwise from bottom right: fish soup, white rice, empty space, japchae, and chicken stew.

The soup: fish, tofu, egg, onion, radish. Quite tasty, if a little on the fishy side. 7/10 (I’m feeling generous today, it being Friday and all.)

The rice: keine Kommenten.

Empty space: should have been self-filled with kimchi and the weirdest brown vegetable that strongly resembled weeds that had been thrown on the compost heap. Ew. Decline.

Japchae: this is one of my least favourite Korean foods, because I don’t like the overwhelming taste of sesame or that fact that it’s most often served cold. Shudder. But the japchae at this school hasn’t been bad at all: I actually ate most of it today. 6.5/10

Chicken stew: spicy, lots of sauce, and pumpkin (or similar), which I have been craving. Quite yummy. 7.5/10

Also, we may not have Flavoured Milk Mondays like some people I know, but we do often get this treat on Fridays:

Don’t ask me what it is because I have no idea. But it tastes nice.

Overall: Not bad. 7/10

Have a great Friday everybody!


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