Lunchee May 4th: Ohmigosh is that a cupcake?!

A rather excellent lunchee today. I have a happy tummy.


Clockwise from bottom right we have seafood jiggae, plain white rice, A CUPCAKE, weird vegetables, and stew.


The soup: technically a 찌개, jiggae, a stew-like soup. This is my favourite kind of soup because it comes with tofu (one of the items on the list “weird foods I never thought I’d like”) and green onions, and often enoki mushrooms. It’s also pretty spicy. This version had no mushrooms but it did have lots of crab legs, if you like that kind of thing, and a prawn or two. My crab had mostly disintegrated but often you can end up with a pretty much entire crab in your bowl. Weird! I like the taste of the soup but trying to prise the meat out of the crab shell is just way too much bother for me. I don’t like having to fight with my food to eat it. Perhaps one day I’ll do as the Koreans do: pick it up in my chopsticks and suck on it, but for now I’ll settle for just the rest of the soup. 8/10, minus 0.5 for not being piping hot, so 7.5/10


The rice: tired of seeing pictures of rice? WELL HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL?!

(I’m more accustomed to it by now but at one point last year I told my sister that when I get home I never want to see rice again. RICE OVERLOAD.)


THE CUPCAKE: I am terribly excited about this; I cannot remember the last time I had a cupcake. It may have been in January. This was an amazing treat of vanilla cake and sweetness. 9.5/10 (A smudge of icing on top would have made it absolutely perfect.)


Weird veggies: normally I wouldn’t touch it but for the sake of my dear readers I tried it out. It was disgusting. You’re welcome. 2/10

Side note: you might wonder why you never see kimchi on my plate, seeing as it is the quintessential Korean food and eaten with every. single. meal. The truth is that while some thrust kimchi upon themselves, others have kimchi thrust upon them. I am of the latter group. If it’s offered to me I will not say no; I may even eat a piece or two. But if I have to put my tray down and serve myself some of the fermented cabbage, I will pass, thanks. Besides, it’s just cafeteria kimchi anyway.


Stew: This was a delightfully savoury mystery meat stew with mushrooms. Yummy. 8/10

Overall: a good lunch. I am well set for my afternoon trip to the bank and possible two hours’ reading in a coffee shop.


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