Friday 20 April: Lunchee Revisited

And by that I mean if I had eaten all of it, it would have revisited on me. Vom.

Ok, it wasn’t that bad. But it was still pretty sucky:


Clockwise from bottom right we have mandu (dumpling) soup with egg, carrots and rice cakes, purple rice, carrot and radish mix, cucumber with some kind of sauce, and cold, possibly raw, squid. Ew.


The soup was quite tasty. I even ate most of the stuff in it. 7.5/10


The rice: fun fact, purple rice tastes pretty much the same as white rice. (Don’t tell the Koreans.)


Radish and onion mix: just gross. It’s covered in sesame oil and seeds and I really don’t like the taste of it. Plus the texture was weird and there weren’t enough carrot pieces to make up for it. 1/10


Cucumber and sauce: I usually like this, but I the sauce had too much gochujang (red pepper paste) to be a good ssamjang for cucmber-dipping, in my waygook (foreign) opinion. 4.5/10


Cold, raw squid: um, EW. You will notice it looks like I’ve moved it from the sauce; that’s because I DID. I didn’t want it contaminating my other food. Honestly, I didn’t actually taste it, but I didn’t need to. Squid is just siff, and I’ve never eaten any dish containing that made me think otherwise. And COLD, nogal! What a terrible idea. -2/10

Overall: I’m still hungry. I can’t wait to get home to my leftover fried chicken. 5/10


One thought on “Friday 20 April: Lunchee Revisited

  1. Everything but the soup looks nasty. The squid would be alright if it was seasoned. I dont get the food here sometimes, it is like it is stuck in the post war era…

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