Friday the 13th: Lunchee

So @rubyyogi on Twitter has been asking me to upload pics of the lunches I so often Tweet about. As it’s a Friday and I’m done teaching for the day I thought I’d turn a Twitpic into a blog post and tell y’all about what I ate for lunch today at my elementary school on Jeju Island.


Clockwise from bottom right we have bean sprout soup, sticky white rice, fermented onion and cabbage, vegetable pajeon and mystery meat stew.

Let’s start with the soup.


Not bad, rather tasty, but I don’t like eating shit that floats in soup (although delicious jiggaes – stew-like soups – are starting to cure me of that), especially when it’s as pointless as bean sprouts. 6/10


Rice: standard. White. Plain. A veritable mountain of it. Not even going to give points here.


Fermented onion and cabbage: Seriously. There was like half an onion on my tray. This was, predictably, revolting. I only ate the tiniest piece but I did sniff it at length and it confirmed my suspicions: EW. I sometimes like white kimchi (fermented cabbage) but this was just nasty. 0/10


Pajeon: this is a kind of pancake, usually consumed on rainy days (seriously) with makeoli (rice wine, an acquired taste). It’s also normally eaten with soy sauce so it was a little tasteless, but I remedied this with a quick dunk in the stew. 6/10, losing points for being cold. (They’d never serve it hot at school…but still.)


Mystery meat stew: I’m assuming it was pork, because beef is rather too expensive to serve in a school cafeteria. Quite tasty, and there was enough of it to help me finish my rice. (Because there’s nothing worse than plain white rice, but try explaining that to a Korean. Actually, don’t.) 8/10

With the addition of lettuce leaves and ssamjang (soy bean paste, my favourite food item in Korea) this would have been a solid 8 but as is… I’m going to give it 7/10.

Happy Friday :)


2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th: Lunchee

  1. Imagine my surprise when, the first time I click on “food” on the WordPress home page, I see “Lunchee”. I knew it had to be another NET. Even the tray looks exactly like the one at my school.

    I hope you’re enjoying your time on Jeju. I hear good things.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Your lunchee does seem particularly harrowing, even compared to most Korean cafeteria food. Shampies!

    Do you keep going back for the chatter? Or so as not to offend your co-workers? My lunchee is the only time I socialise with other teachers so I am committed, even though some days I swear I am going to quit. Maybe next month…

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