Moving to Korea

So as you all know by now (hopefully), I am off to the Far East on Tuesday: namely, South Korea, to teach the young Koreans that fair language I call my mother tongue.

I have been placed on the island of Jeju, which is about as far from North Korea as you can get, although only a ferry ride from Japan. Natural disasters and nutty dictators aside, I’m really looking forward to what I know will be an absolutely unforgettable experience. I’m also very glad I know people who are there, who have been there, and who are going with me on Wednesday :)

The beautiful island of Jeju, soon to be home. PHOTO:

So this isn’t going to be a sad farewell post, but rather a list of things I will and won’t miss over the next year.

Things I will miss

– well, family and friends is a given. So I’ve taken loads of photos which will be plastered all over my walls K-side.

– driving Thomas George and singing at the top of my lungs. Yes, I do this.

– my mom’s hairdryer. It’s seriously the best hairdryer in the whole world.

– DStv. I just got used to having it around…

– South Africans. Just people who understand what you mean when you say “Howzit” and “just now” and “gooi a right at the robots”. (Note: I only actually say one of those things.)

– South African stuff in shops. When I was in England I was completely thrown by the fact that salt and vinegar chips came in a GREEN packet and the fruit chutney flavour was in the BLUE packet. It seriously messed with my mind. Also, they had the most boring chip flavours ever.

– sunny days spent reading and sleeping in my hammock.

– roast chicken Wednesdays. Nuff said.

– the rest of the cricket World Cup. How do you say “Where can I watch the cricket?” in Korean? I do not know. But apparently you can watch it on the ESPN site. I flipping hope so, but with the fastest internet in the world, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem…

– black babies. They’re just so damn cute.

Things I won’t miss

– traffic. HATE.

– racism. Koreans refer to themselves as the “one-race society”, because something like 99% of the population is Korean. This means, no racism! While I will definitely miss having such a varied society, I will not be sorry to do without the drama of race relations for a while.

– the 90th fastest internet in the world. (In contrast, Korea has the fastest. Yeah baby.)

– hearing about Debora Patta, Julius Malema or Steve Hofmeyr (although as I’m not leaving Twitter, this will probably be unavoidable, sigh).

– having to wear a coat inside in winter (I’ve been assured Korea has central heating).

– living in what is essentially a small incestuous village. (Pretoria, I love you, but wow. Wow.)

– traffic. Did I say that already?

Seriously. Just kill me. It would be kinder. And less painful. PHOTO:

That’s all for now, folks :) From next week The Complainant will be In Asia… Expect a lot more blogging, a lot less complaining, and stacks of awesomeness coming your way…

See y’all on the flip side!


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