I am a shallow, shallow person

A friend and I went out for drinks on Friday night, and in the course of our conversation, we came upon the topic of guys. Which led to the topic of hot guys, and then to us discussing the complete and deplorable LACK of hot guys, not only in real life, but also, and more tragically, on television.

I decided to conduct research via Twitter, asking two gay guys to list the hottest guys appearing in television programmes at the moment. I present my findings below:

Once upon a time Jensen Ackles was Eric on Days of our Lives, but we won’t hold that against him. He has since gone on to bigger and better things, including roles in Dark Angel (remember that show? It was awesome. Must get the DVDs) and Smallville (ok, maybe not better. At least it wasn’t a soap, though). He currently plays Dean on Supernatural, which I have to say I’ve never watched, but hey, who cares. He’s hot.


Yum number one (PHOTO: http://www.sodahead.com)


This is 31-year-old Ian Joseph Somerhalder. Say hello. He played Boone on Lost, but is now known to hoardes of vampire fan(g)s as Damon inVampire Diaries. As my friend said, he’s a “sexy minx”. Word. He beat teenage dream Edward Cullen (RPattz or, as his mother knows him, Robert Pattinson, although she may call him Bob. I’m not sure) for the title of Entertainment Weekly‘s “Sexy Beast” 2010. Rowr.


Yum number two (PHOTO: CW)


This, ladies and some gentlemen, is Alex Skarsgard (there should be oddly-shaped accents in there somewhere, but I can’t be bothered right now. Insert your own). His rather more famous father is Stellan Skarsgard (ditto re accents), Bootstrap Bill in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and one of the dads in Mamma Mia. He is, as you may have guessed from the accents, Swedish, 26, and possibly dating Kate Bosworth. Last year he featured in Lady Gaga’s music video for the song Papparazzi, but is currently most famous for being, you guessed it, a blood-sucking creature of the night named Eric who owns a bar in True Blood. Er, yes. I’m in the small group of people who’ve never seen an episode of TB so I’m afraid I can’t really comment. But hot he most certainly is.


YUM number three (PHOTO: evilbeatgossip.film.com)


And finally… We have a winner.


YUM NUMBER FOUR. WINNER. (PHOTO: lgbtqnation.com)


Super hot, right? Well, 33-year-old Joe Manganiello is his name, and, breaking with the theme here, he plays a werewolf named Alcide in True Blood. He acted in the Spiderman films and in How I Met Your Mother (Marshall’s buddy from law school named Brad) and One Tree Hill (season 5, coincidentally the only season of the show I’ve watched, a bartender named Owen. Yummy. I totally remember that now). He was also once a roadie for the band Goldfinger, and is friends with the lead singer. Sad news: he got engaged to some lame actress/model-type person last month. Psh. But we can still admire his awesomness (and, as another friend would say, his abulousness).


Abulousness! (PHOTO: truebloodguide.com)


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