The Cherry Post

This blog is all about me complaining about my life. If you don’t like that, move along. If you’re going to tell me to cheer up, stop complaining, and look at the bright side of life, move along too. It’s not that I don’t enjoy life: I do. Sometimes. But complaining is my outlet.

Once I’ve complained, thoroughly and at length, about something, I feel loads better and can move on. I usually complain to whoever’s nearest, which means for the last few months, it’s been my colleague and former classmate. She hasn’t been too happy with this, and so was very pleased when I announced my intention of starting a blog. “I won’t read it,” she added immediately.

Well. I hope there’s a few people out there who will read it. (Fellow bloggers, I’m looking at you.)

Bring your happy pills…


2 thoughts on “The Cherry Post

  1. Hehe…I can totally imagine your rants on a blog. And, unlike the unnamed colleague/classmate, I will definitely read it. Because it’s entertaining. :-)

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