Battambang: More bang, less buck

But actually, pronounced more like ‘Battambong’. Now you know.

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Winter is coming.

What? Why are you looking it me like that? Oh…the title… It was inevitable, ok. Just about everyone in the Northern Hemisphere who has read/ watched/ knows someone who has read/ watched Game of Thrones (also known as A Song of Ice and Fire, epic series by American fantasy writer George R R “Please-hurry-up-and-finish-the-next-book” Martin) will be using this phrase as the cold season approaches. Winter is coming.

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My happy Korean birthday

I wrote a while (okay, a LONG while) ago, telling you about Sylvia’s (aka my Island BFF) birthday, but I never wrote about mine. And while this year’s is lining up to be pretty epic (short version: half my family will be here! Yes, half. I have a big family), last year’s was awesome, and I want to tell y’all about it.

Do you think I had enough parentheses in that paragraph?! Moving on.

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